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a. About

Kolkata - A city known for taking its time.

the City of Joy - home to a rich culture, artistic heritage and intellectual curiosity. As we ease back into a pre-pandemic pace of life, we want to take some time to reflect and discuss topics we believe will come further to the forefront, as we continue to live during and after this period



Since the Paris Accord was signed in 2016, Kolkata has become one of the most polluted cities on the planet. We would like to remind our local community of it’s socially conscious roots and invite them to act towards a more sustainable future.


Mental Health

Mental health is not a topic to be avoided but embraced with the same level of maturity that we give to physical health. 

People are feeling more isolated than ever before due to the transition to remote work and digital communication. While we have always seen it as an important dialogue to have, we especially see it’s relevant now.



We want listeners to ask themselves whether standard forms of education are roadblocks to holistic education. One that encompasses all kinds of learning, understands and celebrates students from all backgrounds, locations, and types of schools.

b. Speakers

Dr. Amit Sen

Director & Co-Founder of Children First,
Senior Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

He is the co-founder & director of Children First, a multidisciplinary institute that provides clinical & community-based services, training and research in child and adolescent mental health. He is the founder of the ever-evolving mental health programme in Salaam Baalak Trust, an organisation looking after thousands of street children in Delhi. He has also, as is customary in this profession, presented in various international and national conferences, written and spoken in popular media, written chapters in books and published scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.

Prof. Shyamal Majumdar

Former Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC

Retired UN staff by designation, engineer by qualification, thought leader by passion. I am now working at the intersections of academic institutions, civic society, social and policy impact. Presently involved as advisor to various boards and engaged in developing sustainable model village using skill as driver to address SDG goals in rural transformation in India and Spain.

Naomi Shah

FIlmmaker / Producer at Memesys Culture Lab

Naomi's work lies at the intersection of non-fiction storytelling and experience design, with a sharp focus on social impact and community upliftment. She has crafted short documentaries and virtual reality non-fiction, while working on feature films, such as 'An Insignificant Man' and 'Piano Fingers'. She is currently working on an interactive & immersive toolkit to improve media and digital literacy skills among the youth through gameplay and storytelling. She lives in Goa with her 12 dogs and works at a Memesys Culture Lab, a new media and cinema studio.

Mimi Chakrabarti

Photographer / Ceramist / Yoga Teacher

Mimi Chakrabarti is a former advertising executive, founder of SOUL purpose and mother of two grown-up children, whom she home schooled. Mimi gave up her job to bring up her children and to teach them at home. The experience of home schooling her children taught her many a precious lesson. Mimi is also a professional photographer with an eye for detail. In addition she is a yoga acharya and a trained singer.

Satyajit Chakraborty

Game Designer and Founder of Flying Robot Studios

Satyajit believes in being a versatile Game Designer with over 20 years in Media and Entertainment. He founded Flying Robot Studios, an indie game development studio in 2012. The studio has clients like Missing Link Trust, The University of Helsinki, and Jhpiego (John Hopkins University Affiliate). His games have won several awards including ‘Nasscom Game of the Year’ in 2016 and ‘World Summits Awards’ in 2019. Satyajit has a particular interest in researching and creating games with societal values.

Taarini Saraf

Sustainable Fashion Designer

A 17 y/o artist aspiring to create change – Taarini has initiated the #MeriPocket Movement to empower women by advocating for pockets in womenswear while ensuring sustainability. Since a young age she has been inclined towards art – her work has always used its voice to create a more inclusive and equal world. She is currently working on launching her label ‘Taarini Saraf’, one of her collections – ‘The Pocket Collection’, mainly works with leftover fabrics in conjunction with the #MeriPocket Movement.

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c. Organisers

«Who are we?»

Iman Kalyan Majumdar

Entrepreneur and Engineer / Organiser

Iman is an ideator and person dedicated to furthering a truly holistic education for those children labelled as “mentally weak”. During his academic and professional career, he has co-founded and grown an EdTech startup at the University of Edinburgh, worked as an engineer at top startups in the UK. Currently, applying his trade in the Health sector at ZOE - where we try to make everyone’s lives healthier through cutting edge science.

When he’s not coding, he’s probably thinking of the next innovative idea that could help more of us live happier, more purpose filled lives.

Tushar Kejriwal

Filmmaker and Artist / Curator

Born into a business household, Tushar chose the road less travelled when he pursued a BFA in Film Production at Chapman University. Since then he has directed, shot and edited several short films, music and brand videos across Los Angeles and Mumbai.

When he isn't 'working', you will find Tushar playing chess, illustrating, reading screenplays and walking for miles.

Devarshi Shukla

Freelance Content Strategist and Social Media Marketing

Whilst pursuing a degree in engineering in the UK, Devarshi often found himself invested in activities outside the classroom. There he led the largest student society, hosted shows and organized plenty of social campaigns. This sparked a keen interest for him in international communities, culture, art and design.

Of late, Devarshi has been living and working in Mumbai as a self taught social media content strategist, and you’d often find him with a camera looking out for quiet streets, everyday architecture and people.